Hi! I am pretty new to Qwt programming and I'm stuck at the Moment.

I have a QwtPlot which shows drained Liquid over time. (Time is shown on x Axis) Now I would like to not just show the Time Value (in Seconds), but also the Simulation Steps of my Program. These two Values are going hand in hand and I have them together in a QVector<QPointF>.
Now my problem is, how to get additional Information to the x Axis.

So I want it to look somehow like this:
0s (Step 0) - 10s(Step 15) - 20s(Step 25)...
and so on, I hope you get what I want.

I know i can derive from QwtScaleDraw, and I did it like this:

Qt Code:
  1. class MyScaleDraw : public QwtScaleDraw
  2. {
  3. public:
  4. MyScaleDraw() : QwtScaleDraw() { }
  5. virtual ~MyScaleDraw() { }
  6. virtual QwtText label(double val) const
  7. {
  8. return QwtText(QString::number(val) + "(s)");
  9. }
  11. };
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So now I get the (s) shown next to the values. But I guess I will not get what I want with this class and I couldn't quite figure out when exactly it is called. Also, it seems to first add the first Value of the Axis, then the last, then the inbetween. Therefore providing the Step Values or smth like that wouldn't work in my Opinion.

I guess I may have to reimplement QwtPlot, but I wanted to know if there is a better solution, maybe a super easy one. I can't imagine that this is such a big Issue. Also I am a little bit rusty with deriving classes, so if I have to derrive from QwtPlot and reimplement some functions, I also would appreciate some help.

I appreciate any help! Thanks in advance!