Some time ago, I'd have had enough of all the papers in the kitchen while cooking, so I wanted to do something against it and since I made a media center with the raspberry pi and I was watching the TNG seasons, it was obvious making a replication machine with the raspberry pi.
So, bought a raspberry and compatible touchscreen, I started making this project. First it was just PHP based, but soon it would exceed my needs, and because of this I came to Qt and began making the prog with it.
And it did soon evolve.

Here is a video of it:

It's not the current version, but I will soon make a new video.
It actually supports searching/reading the receipes, countdown to red alert, playing music (with visualizer) and videos (when it takes longer ;-) ), background sounds (Warpcore, bridge computer beeps, rain, some music and and and...), volume controls

Only thing it can't do: actually replicating food ^^