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Thread: Error using KDevelop

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    Default Error using KDevelop

    hiii friends,

    i am using the KDevelop as an editor for my project. The kdevelop which i use is the one which has come bydefault with FC-6.

    i start by making a new project of SimpleKDEApplication.
    The bydefault a clas is formed. Then i try to build the project as it is without adding anything extra. It runs fine and the exe is also formed.

    but whenever i try to add another classes or add existing files to the current project by importing then there is an error when i build the project.
    suppose the project directory is /sfiles/kk then the error is :

    configure: error : sources are in /sfiles/kk. but 'cd /sfiles/kk' does not work.
    Exited with status : 1

    now from the terminal when i go to this directory and run the following commands :

    then everything works fine without any error and exe is formed in /src diretory of the project.

    no matter what the contents of the project are or no matter where the project is stored, the error is the same everytime (only the path differs).

    can anyone please help me solve this problem
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    Default Re: Error using KDevelop

    What do you mean by adding files to the project by importing?

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