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Thread: Why QAbstractItemView::dragEnterEvent is always accepted?

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    Default Why QAbstractItemView::dragEnterEvent is always accepted?

    Why QAbstractItemView::dragEnterEvent doesn't​ check model's canDropMimeData method? This results in incorrect 1-pixel area along widget boundary which is always "positive-drop" without taking into account if model can actually accept data. Is there any workaround?

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    Default Re: Why QAbstractItemView::dragEnterEvent is always accepted?

    The docs say:
    This function is called with the given event when a drag and drop operation enters the widget. If the drag is over a valid dropping place (e.g. over an item that accepts drops), the event is accepted; otherwise it is ignored.
    So, it seems to me its not checking the model's canDropMimeData() since it is going even lower, it asks the item over which the event happens.
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