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Thread: Qt 5.9 Fails to generate visual studio project

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    Default Qt 5.9 Fails to generate visual studio project

    I have VS2015 and VS2008 installed on my system along with several versions of Qt, including Qt 5.9 (official installer). In order to generate a visual studio project from a .pro file I use this command:
    Qt Code:
    1. C:\Qt\5.9.0-win32\5.9\msvc2015\bin\qmake.exe -tp vc
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    or this one:
    Qt Code:
    1. C:\Qt\5.9.0-win32\5.9\msvc2015\bin\qmake.exe -spec win32-msvc -tp vc
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    Both fail equally with the following response:
    C:/Qt/5.9.0-win32/5.9/msvc2015/mkspecs/features/toolchain.prf:129: Variable QMAKE_CXX.COMPILER_MACROS is not defined.
    Project ERROR: msvc-version.conf loaded but QMAKE_MSC_VER isn't set
    In Qt 5.8, Qt 5.7, and Qt 4.8 everything works fine. Am I doing anything wrong?
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    Default Re: Qt 5.9 Fails to generate visual studio project

    Ever find a solution to this? I'm seeing it now, trying to import into MSVC for qwt 6.1.3. Nothing I find via Google has an answer.

    Edit: I did find one thing which worked: added

    QMAKE_MSC_VER = 1800

    for Visual Studio 2013 at the top of the "msvc-version.conf" file in the mkspecs\common directory of my Qt installation.

    Unfortunately, the project file that was generated won't build because of syntax errors in the moc command. Not sure if I want to waste my time trying to fix it instead of simply building a project manually fro the source files.
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