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Thread: Introducing Quentier - desktop note taking app integrated with Evernote

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    Default Introducing Quentier - desktop note taking app integrated with Evernote

    Quentier is a cross-platform (Linux/Windows/Mac) note taking app capable of working as Evernote client. It can also be used for local note taking, without the necessity to even have the Evernote account.

    Quentier supports such features as:

    • Synchronization of user data (notebooks, notes, tags, saved searches) with Evernote
    • Evernote search syntax can be used for data searching within the local storage
    • Printing of notes and converting them to pdf files
    • Ability to open several notes simultaneously in either tabbed or windowed interface
    • Ability to switch between accounts - both local and Evernote ones

    Note that the project is currently in public alpha state and is not yet intended for production usage!

    Quentier is free software distributed under the terms of GNU GPLv3. A large part of core functionality was delegated to a separate library which is distributed under the terms of GNU LGPLv3. The project is written in C++/Qt, uses CMake build system.

    I'm seeking for volunteers willing to take part in testing, bug reporting, developing and co-maintaining this app (as well as its core library). The project has downloads with binaries for all supported platforms (AppImage for Linux) so you don't have to build the app from source yourself if you just want to tinker with it for a bit. The user documentation is pretty much nonexistent at the moment but there's a brief overview of the app's features which should get you started.

    If you'd like to dive into the actual development, there's an overview of the app's internals + the detailed guide to building and installing the app's dependencies as well as the guide on building the app's core library and the app itself. There are also some pre-filled issues (ditto for the core library) some of which are marked with "help wanted" and "good first issue" tags - these are intended for new developers coming to the project.

    In addition to help with testing and development I'd gladly accept and appreciate assistance from someone with good design skills: for one thing, better application icons are needed than what I was able to produce myself. For other things, the overall GUI appearance might need some improvements or their ideas at least.

    The project has a blog in which I write about various technical and non-technical stuff related to the project in one way or another.


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    Default Re: Introducing Quentier - desktop note taking app integrated with Evernote

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