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    Default QCryptographicHash::Sha3_256


    I'm using Qt 5.10.0 and have the following code:

    QCryptographicHash sha3(QCryptographicHash::Sha3_256);
    sha3.addData("aaa", 3)
    QByteArray hash = sha3.result().toHex();

    Now hash is empty. The same produces a hash with Sha1 (or Sha256 or Keccak_256) . Am I doing something obviously wrong? I cannot really believe it's simply not working anymore.

    I wanted to upgrade from SHA-1 to SHA-3 since SHA-1 is considered compromised now. I guess for now I move to Sha256.

    Edit: Actually, I still had a Qt5Core.dll version 5.9.1 in my project. I replaced that with 5.10.0 and now it's working. So, it was 5.9.1 that didn't produce a SHA-3 hash.
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