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Thread: QT Versioning Problem with Tortoise SVN

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    Smile Re: QT Versioning Problem with Tortoise SVN

    Hi, im trying to create a version.h file to get current svn commit version number into code. However i cant get anything. Here is what i did :

    In qt creator from tools and options -> subversion tab -> subversion command is set to ...\SubWCRev.exe.

    And from searching how to do it svn format is like that SubWCRev.exe $(SolutionDir) $(ProjectDir)\svn_version.h.tmpl $(ProjectDir)\svn_version.h

    So i added these
    Qt Code:
    1. "C:\Program Files\TortoiseSVN\bin\SubWCRev.exe"
    2. "C:\Users\Rasih Onur Olgun\Desktop\Playground\AvrStudioTest\QtProject\UdpPacketParser"
    3. "C:\Users\Rasih Onur Olgun\Desktop\Playground\AvrStudioTest\QtProject\UdpPacketParser\VersionInfoTemplate.SubWC"
    4. "C:\Users\Rasih Onur Olgun\Desktop\Playground\AvrStudioTest\QtProject\UdpPacketParser\VersionInfo.h"
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    into qmake step as a additional arguments.

    VersionInfoTemplate.SubWC is a SVN Version template which has this code in it
    Qt Code:
    1. #ifndef _SVN_VERSION_H_
    2. #define _SVN_VERSION_H_
    4. #define _D_SVN_LOCAL_MODIFICATIONS "$WCMODS?YES:NO$" // 1 if there are modifications to the local working copy, 0 otherwise
    5. #define _D_SVN_BUILD_DATE "$WCDATE$" // Commit date and time of the highest commit revision
    6. #define _D_SVN_BUILD "$WCREV$" // Highest committed revision number in the working copy
    7. #define _D_SVN_COMPILE_TIME "$WCNOW$" // Current system date and time
    10. #endif
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    After running qmake and starting program it is saying "Cannot find file: C:\Users\Rasih Onur Olgun\Desktop\Playground\AvrStudioTest\QtProject\U dpPacketParser\VersionInfo.h."
    I cant understand. This file suppose to be created right ?

    What i am missing if you can help me it would be great. Thanks all.

    Added after 1 35 minutes:

    I solved the issue. This is how it can be done. I tried to explain if anyone gets the same errors or something about this topic.

    I attached a .zip file it is libre office document explaining how to do.

    Good day to all
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