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Thread: QCryptographicHash matching from multiple computer images

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    Default QCryptographicHash matching from multiple computer images

    I have a strange problem. I am dealing with a server that is connected to several computers without hard drives in them, they each run off their own image from the server. They have a virtual shared drive on the server. I have to run a copy of a program on each computer that needs a password and the QCryptographicHash generated password is stored in a file on the shared drive. If I understand QCryptographicHash correctly, the hash created from the password is going to be different on each computer. How can I set it up so that the hash for a specific password generated in each computer is the same for all the computers? The password has to be the same for all the computers. In other words the hashes created from each computer for a specific password needs to be the same no matter which computer it is generated from, otherwise it won't match the one in the shared file. Using programs from different vendors is impossible because it's a secure system and only a limited number of programs are authorized to be installed, of which one of the few are internally generated programs that use Qt (Thank God). From what I understand, it originally took over a year to get Qt approved (that was before my time), that's how strict it is. I hope this made sense, I'm not good at explaining things in text messages.

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    Default Re: QCryptographicHash matching from multiple computer images

    A hash function will produce the same output on every computer. Don't know where you've the information from that this should not be the case. Otherwise nothing in the internet would work.

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