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    Default XML grid view

    We have a few config files in XML format and we would like to create a simple XML editor using a XML grid view to provide to our users a simple way to create/modify the XML files.

    To be clearer what I want is something like this online editor can do I have attached a picture of an example.

    I have been thinking doing this using qtreeview and qtableview.

    I would be appreciate if you could give some tips how I could do this.

    xml grid view.jpg

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    Default Re: XML grid view

    There is nothing in the Qt library that will do this out-of-the-box. You'll have to write it yourself, most likely. You could start by looking at the DOM Bookmarks example. There is also the Qt Property Browser framework in the Qt archives. Trust me, this is hard to use. You might also find something in one of the inqlude libraries or on the Linux-Apps page (search for "widgets").

    There is also a commercial product, QTitanDataGrid, that looks to have some of the hierarchical table features your screenshot uses.
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