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Thread: Flip/Mirror QCameraViewFinder

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    Default Flip/Mirror QCameraViewFinder

    For a project I'm working on I would like to show a live camera feed in a window. I have succeeded in this using a QCamera and a QCameraViewFinder. Now to take it one step further I would like to flip the camera feed horizontally or vertically or both. I have explored tree possible paths:

    • Subclass QAbstractVideoSurface
    • Implement a QAbstractVideoFilter
    • Apply Shader

    (I also failed at implementing all 3.)

    As far as I know the first one can be done in pure c++ and the last two require QML. I would prefer not to use QML.

    My question is this: Which is the best path to follow, and why? A code example would be terrific!

    Much Love!

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    Default Re: Flip/Mirror QCameraViewFinder

    this worked for me:
    > format.setScanLineDirection(QVideoSurfaceFormat::B ottomToTop);

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