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Thread: how to get text from line edit after user clicks the submit button

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    Default how to get text from line edit after user clicks the submit button

    i have window with a label and a push button. When user clicks the button it takes them to another window with a line edit and a submit button.Now i want the text which user typed to replace the text of label in my first window.
    ]i have successfully made the program except that when user types the text in line edit no matter what the text of label is changed to blank(that is no text). I know this is because QString which i am using to set label of the text is initialized to null and as soon as the new window is created a null initialized QString is set to the text of label. I am aware of the fact that i need to use signals and slots but just couldn't figure out what to connect and to what?

    please if possible try to give code example

    any help will be seriously appreciated.
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