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Thread: Qt equivalent of C++ code

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    Question Qt equivalent of C++ code

    I'm really new to Qt programming and still learning. I am looking for Qt equivalent of this code:
    Qt Code:
    1. #include <iostream>
    2. #include <string>
    3. #include <fstream>
    5. using namespace std;
    7. int main() {
    8. int i = 0;
    9. string name[3], age[3];
    10. ifstream FileRead("stu.txt");
    11. while(FileRead >> name[i] >> age[i]) {
    12. cout << name[i] << "\t" << age[i] << endl;
    13. i++;
    14. }
    15. FileRead.close();
    16. return 0;
    17. }
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    The main function of this code is that I want to read the file word by word and store the words into a particular array of strings.

    My file (stu.txt) contains the data:
    name1 age1
    name2 age2
    name3 age3
    and I want to store the "name1" into name[0] and "age1" into age[0].

    Is there an easy way I can do the same in Qt using QString, QFile etc?

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    Default Re: Qt equivalent of C++ code

    Yes. You will find very similar functionality in QString and QTextStream.
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