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Thread: Several errors during "Release build"

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    Default Re: Several errors during "Release build"

    I am getting several errors during the release build of a app I am working with. Everything runs fine when compiling in debug mode, but once I switch to release mode I get the following...

    Qt Code:
    1. /home/david/Projects/Cpp/MyNote/main.cpp:-1: error: multiple definition of `main'
    2. /home/david/Projects/Cpp/MyNote/mainwindow.cpp:-1: error: multiple definition of `MainWindow::MainWindow(QWidget*)'
    3. /home/david/Projects/Cpp/MyNote/mainwindow.cpp:-1: error: multiple definition of `MainWindow::on_actionExit_triggered()'
    4. /home/david/Projects/Cpp/MyNote/mainwindow.cpp:-1: error: multiple definition of `MainWindow::on_actionNew_triggered()'
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    This is just a small part of what I am getting. There is much more than this. There are other "on_action" functions that give the same error. Also getting this...

    Qt Code:
    1. /home/david/Projects/Cpp/MyNote/main.cpp:-1: error: multiple definition of `main' /home/david/Projects/Cpp/MyNote/main.cpp:-1: first defined here main.cpp
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    Also similar dealing with mainwindow.cpp. Anyone have any suggestions? I am almost done with the app but don't want to go any further until I get this fixed.

    Many thanks for any assistance.

    Added after 20 minutes:

    Nevermind lol. I found the issue. My .pro file had main.cpp and mainwindow.cpp defined several times. Removed all but one of each and things seem to compile fine now.
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    Default Re: Several errors during "Release build"

    Hi! You can try to clean/run qmake and build the project in release mode. Also check your code, multiple definitions means that you have another main and so on.

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