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Thread: qt signal defined in macro

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    Default Re: qt signal defined in macro

    I defined the signal in the macro:
    Qt Code:
    1. #define PROP_SINGLEVAL(prpname) \
    2. private: \
    3. int _##prpname; \
    4. public: \
    5. int& prpname () {return _##prpname;}; \
    6. const int& ##prpname() const {return _##prpname;}; \
    7. signals: \
    8. void on##prpname##Change();
    10. class options : public QObject
    11. {
    12. Q_OBJECT
    13. public:
    14. options();
    16. PROP_SINGLEVAL(val)
    17. };
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    It compiles but, when trying to connect the signal to the slot of another object instance, the message is that the signal on options:nvalChange() does not exist. I think I understand the reason for it (moc preprocessing does not expand the macro). Perhaps there is a way to make it work? I have many variables and for each one I want to provide the signal when it is changing.

    Added after 7 minutes:

    Can't find the way to delete the post, hence the answer: Q_SIGNAL
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    Default Re: qt signal defined in macro

    Why not use Q_PROPERTY with MEMBER and NOTIFY and let Qt do all the magic for you?
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