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Thread: What to install with Qt Creator?

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    Default What to install with Qt Creator?

    I'm trying to install Qt creator on Windows but it has so many available options that I really don't know which ones I need.

    I only want to be able to create and debug both, command line and GUI applications, in C++. But there are all of these to choose from (and the only one that comes pre-selected is inside the "tools" sub-menu):


    If I expand one of the Qt options then I have:


    I'm sure I have to select MinGW somewhere (as that's the compiler I want). But I'm not sure if I should pick one inside the "Qt 5.11.1" sub-menu or one inside the "tools" sub-menu. Also, I'm not sure what to check to get the GDB debugger (which is the one I want). And I don't see anything related to Qt C++ to create GUI projects...

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    Default Re: What to install with Qt Creator?

    You should select Qt 5.11.1; if you expand that and see that it includes Qt Creator, Qt Designer, and MinGW, then that's all you need. If it doesn't, then select Qt Creator, (which should also install Qt Designer), debugger support, and the version of MinGW you want (probably the latest) from the Tools options.

    When you expand Qt 5.11.1, you may see a bunch of compilers listed. Selecting one of these does not install the compiler; it only installs the Qt libraries that are compatible with that compiler. Select the one that corresponds to the version of MinGW you will use. You should also install the Qt source code. It will help in debugging.
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