QxOrm library 1.4.5 and QxEntityEditor application 1.2.3 just released.

QxOrm library 1.4.5 changes log :
  • Support MongoDB database : QxOrm library becomes a C++/Qt Object Document Mapper ODM library !
  • For more details about MongoDB integration, see QxOrm manual and new sample project available in ./test/qxBlogMongoDB/ directory
  • QxOrm library is now available on GitHub (official repository)
  • Fix an issue in qx::IxSqlQueryBuilder class when QxOrm library is used in a multi-thread environment
  • Support latest version of boost (1.66)
  • Update boost portable binary serialization classes to version 5.1
  • Fix an issue building SQL query for Oracle database (doesn't support AS keyword for table alias)
  • Improve qx::QxClassX::registerAllClasses() function : possibility to initialize all relations (useful to work with introspection engine)
  • Improve qx::IxPersistable interface : provide new methods toJson() / fromJson()
  • Improve documentation/website : change http://www.qxorm.com by https://www.qxorm.com everywhere
  • Fix fetching relations with soft delete putting SQL condition in the JOIN part instead of WHERE part
  • Fix SQL generator for Oracle database : use new limit/pagination syntax (version Oracle > 12.1)
  • Improve SQL generator interface : add 'onBeforeSqlPrepare()' method to modify/log SQL queries in custom classes
  • Add an option in qx::QxSqlDatabase class to format SQL query (pretty-printing) before logging it (can be customized creating a qx::dao::detail::IxSqlGenerator sub-class)
  • Fix an issue with boost/std:ptional (to manage NULL database values) and some databases : if optional is empty, then create a NULL QVariant based on QVariant::Type
  • Add an option in qx::QxSqlDatabase class to insert square brackets (or any other delimiters) in SQL queries for table name and/or column name (to support specific database keywords)
  • Improve introspection engine : add getType() method in qx::IxDataMember interface to get C++ type of a property dynamically
  • Improve qx::QxSqlDatabase singleton settings class to make easier working with several databases : now there are 3 levels of settings : global >> per thread >> per database (see 'bJustForCurrentThread' and 'pJustForThisDatabase' optional parameters in all setXXXX() methods)
  • Fix QxOrm.pri for MinGW compiler on Windows : an issue could occurred to export some symbols from shared library (some Qt signals for example)
  • Add an option in qx::QxSqlDatabase singleton class to display only slow SQL queries (see setTraceSqlOnlySlowQueriesDatabase() and setTraceSqlOnlySlowQueriesTotal() methods)

QxEntityEditor application 1.2.3 changes log :
  • Fix a crash which appears sometimes with complex database schema to draw relationships (orthogonal way)
  • Improve QxEntityEditor command line parameters : possibility to import/export without using GUI (useful to manage a Jenkins server for example)
  • For more details about command line parameters, go to QxEntityEditor documentation

You can download latest version of QxOrm library and QxEntityEditor application on QxOrm website.