I've found a LOT of words about wayland but am having trouble distilling to a high level.

I have an application written about 2-3 years go, it is purely widget based, and was meant to run on a touch screen rPi.

I just decided to move it to a Z83 computer and went for the latest Ubuntu (18.10 beta) and saw it used wayland. Since that seems to be the eventual replacement, decided to try it with the application, and switched it to run in wayland.

It made a complete mess of the windows. The app runs in full screen window and lays additional widgets overtop - it was the wrong size, mis-placed, occluding widgets left the underlaying widget visible. Switch back - works fine.

This is not a complaint nor a question how to fix all that, but the question is this:

Is the longer term intent, as wayland support matures in QT, for it to work without application rewrite, or should I expect to have to rewrite portions of the application later?

I am sure there is an "it depends" in there, so adding this: My application is very vanilla, other than the full screen (which I realize had issues even in vanilla X11 window managers), it is not doing anything with X11 directly, it is not using simple widgets laid over other widgets.

So... should I just wait a year or two and it should magically work?

Or, while I am working on the app anyway, should I be looking at specific things to make it wayland compatible for the future. Or just wait?