I am using Qt4.8.4
QtCreator 2.8.1

Have have a large application in development. Nearly 10,000 lines. I have a complex tabWidget gui on the front end. There are about 1,000 widgets on the 12 tabs in the tabWidget. Currently, when I edit widgets, add or delete, in the tabWidget, when I clean and make the project nothing on the tabwidget has any functionality, almost like the widget enabled check box had been changed. This is the case even if I do a make clean from the command line. There are other widgets outside of the tabWidget that function normally. Several of those push button widgets will navigate to any one of the tabs, but nothing in those tabs has any functionality. One of the tabs has 34 qCustomPlot widgets and they are continually updating the plots with data as they should be, but there is no "clickability" on any of the widgets on that tab either. There are pushbutton widgets , radio button widgets , check box widgets , lineEdit widgets , textEdit widgets.

Has anyone reported any similar strange behavior from QtCreator? Any suggestions for a cure?

Thanks for any help