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Thread: Accessing single items from QAbstractListModel in QML

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    Default Accessing single items from QAbstractListModel in QML


    I have a c++ class derived from QAbstractListModel which I use as my Datamodel for QML.
    It has hundrets of objects in it which I want to access directly in QML.
    Using the whole model e.g. in a list ist working.

    Qt Code:
    1. ListView {
    2. width: 100; height: 800
    4. model: dataSourceModelObject
    5. delegate: Text { text: name + " " + value}
    6. }
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    But I want to access single objects of this ListModel by the ID of the object. Is this possible?


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    Default Re: Accessing single items from QAbstractListModel in QML

    What are these objects that your model is interfacing with?

    Are they accessible from QML, i.e using Q_OBJECT or Q_GADGET for defining properties?


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