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Thread: Reacting on Signal on qml side

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    Default Reacting on Signal on qml side

    Hello friends,

    just a questions. is it normal that when I generate signals like this

    Qt Code:
    1. //c++ side
    2. for(int i = 0; i < 1000000; ++i){
    3. emit testSignal(i);
    4. }
    6. //on qml side
    7. ....
    8. onTestSignal:{
    9. console.log(count)// or any other binding
    10. .....
    11. }
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    that its blocks my qml gui? Its realy not reactive!

    How can I achieve nonblocking reaction to the signals?

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    Default Re: Reacting on Signal on qml side

    When you run a loop on the main thread, the main thread is busy with that loop.
    It if is busy with that loop, it can't do any event processing.

    There are a number of options on how to change that:

    1) Restructure the code to use a timer based iteration instead of a tight loop
    2) Run the loop in a secondary thread
    3) Call QCoreApplication:rocessEvents() in each loop iteration to do event processing before continuing with the loop.


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