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Thread: using offline OpenStreetMap

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    Default using offline OpenStreetMap

    I want to show offline a small area of a city on map. this link and its example is useful for me:

    i downloaded .osm file by:

    but now 1- I dont know how to convert the osm file to .png(s) files and also 2- I dont know how to name it in pattern of "osm_100-<l|h>-<map_id>-<z>-<x>-<y>.<extension>" that this is the filename pattern.

    please help me to solv my two problems. thanks

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    Default Re: using offline OpenStreetMap

    Not that I have detailed insight into this problem, but using the tiles you get from this engine you could compute the color of a pixel and use QImage or QPixmap to generate an image pixel by pixel, and save the image as a png file with the save() function.
    The file name you need you could build using QString's facilities, no?

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