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Thread: How to get the QML app to work on most Android devices

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    Default How to get the QML app to work on most Android devices

    Hello all,

    My current QML app contains a few components, .wav files, and two .png images and works well and is installed on many Android devices from my old HP tablet, running Android ver 4.4.2, to my friends' smartphones running an updated version of Android.


    But on many other Android devices cannot be installed, yet!


    What could be the problem in your perspective, please?
    I use this version of NDK: "android-ndk-r19".
    I'm not sure but can it be the reason for the problem, please?


    Is there a popular/prevalent version of NDK (or even JDK) that works well on most Android devices, please?

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    Default Re: How to get the QML app to work on most Android devices

    As best I can tell that version of NDK will support Android at API level 16+ (Android 4.1 and later). This is consistent with the versions you say the application works on.
    NDK r18 removed support for API level 14 and 15 (Android 4.0+)

    There is no information in your post that indicates why the application will not run (it seems to install) on some unspecified hardware/Android versions etc. Consequently, the foregoing points may have nothing to do with the problem.

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