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Thread: Is MSVC compiler really required to use QWebEngineView?

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    Default Is MSVC compiler really required to use QWebEngineView?


    I checked QtWebEngine option while installing Qt framework.
    I added QT += webenginewidgets to my project file. With my MinGW(7.3.0 64-bit for C++) compiler, I'm getting Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: webenginewidgets.
    A little searching in all the Qt related forums, I found an answer where it was mentioned, QWebEngineView Class needs MSVC compiler.

    Well, I'm really confused as it's not mentioned anywhere in the Qt documentation. Please help me resolve this error. Thank you.
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    Default Re: Is MSVC compiler really required to use QWebEngineView?

    The core problem with this is the underlying web engine, the Qt specific parts could easily be built with any other compiler.

    The web engine at this point is Blink/Chromium and Google only supports Windows builds with MSVC.

    I am unsure about the reasons for this as the engine's code can obviously be built with GCC on Linux or Clang on Linux and MacOS.

    The problem is of course aggravated by Windows' lack of a standard C++ ABI, so different' compilers' DLLs can't be combined into a single project.


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