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Thread: Qwt right-side legend suddenly went horizontal

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    Question Qwt right-side legend suddenly went horizontal

    My plot legend (placed on the right-side) suddenly became horizontally aligned.

    My code:
    Qt Code:
    1. // Legend
    2. QwtLegend *legend = new QwtLegend();
    3. legend->setDefaultItemMode( QwtLegendData::Checkable );
    4. insertLegend( legend, QwtPlot::RightLegend );
    5. connect (legend, &QwtLegend::checked, this, &XQwtPlot::slotShowItem);
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    Frankly, the only thing I'm aware of changing in the plotting part of my code was that I moved the location of my base plotting library (the code shown above and some more) and created a new .so file for these wrappers. So it makes no sense how this would cause the problem.

    I'm wondering how to fix this and make the two check-buttons vertical again?
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