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Thread: Preventing the creator from auto switching to deisgner view

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    Default Preventing the creator from auto switching to deisgner view


    I am using Qt creator v4.3.0. Whenever I switch to a .ui.qml file, the IDE automatically switches to design mode. Due to several factors (mainly slow computer and heavy UI file), loading the file in design view can take a lot of time. Sometimes, I am working on code where I have to refer to .ui.qml files multiple times. Constantly switching to design mode is quite annoying, is there a way I can temporarily switch the auto switch to design mode off?


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    Default Re: Preventing the creator from auto switching to deisgner view

    Most things in QtCreator are plugins, the QtQuick designer being one of them.

    Try deactivating that plugin ("Help" -> "Plugins")


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