Dear developers,

I really hope that this is the right place to share news about plugins for Qt Creator.

We've just released new Deleaker 2019.20 with support of Qt Creator.

Deleaker is a tool to find leaks for C++ developers on Windows. It is available as a standalone application and also can be integrated into Visual Studio and RAD Studio (Delphi / C++ Builder). CLion support is coming.

Now it's time for Qt Creator.

No more memory leaks, GDI leaks, leaks of handles and other.

You can get Deleaker here.

I''ve recorded a video tutorial, and also below you will find some text and pictures that illustrate how Deleaker works within Qt Creator:

The installer detects available versions of Qt Creator:


New Deleaker menu is added:


You can take a snapshot while debugging, or once a process exits to review allocations and possible leaks. It's easy to walk a call stack that is available for each allocation.

If you think that Deleaker can be useful for you please get a demo version.

Happy coding!