I tried to compile Qt source code version 5.13 for WebAssembly on Windows and follow the instructions on the Qt site https://wiki.qt.io/Qt_for_WebAssembly. However, after configuring the build by the command configure -no-warnings-are-errors -xplatform wasm-emscripten -platform win32-g++ -nomake examples -prefix %CD%\qtbase, it got an error like below in the config.log file

Command line: -no-warnings-are-errors -xplatform wasm-emscripten -platform win32-g++ -nomake examples -prefix f:\wasm\qt5\qtbase
executing config test verifyspec
+ cd /d F:\wasm\qt5\config.tests\verifyspec && f:\wasm\qt5\qtbase\bin\qmake.exe "CONFIG -= qt debug_and_release app_bundle lib_bundle" "CONFIG += static warn_off console single_arch" -early "CONFIG += cross_compile" F:/wasm/qt5/qtbase/config.tests/verifyspec
+ cd /d F:\wasm\qt5\config.tests\verifyspec && set MAKEFLAGS=& mingw32-make clean && set MAKEFLAGS=& mingw32-make
> del verifyspec.obj
> del *~ core *.core
> Could Not Find F:\wasm\qt5\config.tests\verifyspec\*~
> em++ -c -O3 -std=gnu++11 -w -IF:\wasm\qt5\qtbase\config.tests\verifyspec -I. -I/.emscripten_ports/openssl/include -IF:\wasm\qt5\qtbase\mkspecs\wasm-emscripten -o verifyspec.obj F:\wasm\qt5\qtbase\config.tests\verifyspec\verifys pec.cpp
> emscripten:INFO: generating system asset: is_vanilla.txt... (this will be cached in "f:\wasm\emsdk\.emscripten_cache\is_vanilla.tx t" for subsequent builds)
> emscripten:INFO: - ok
> shared:INFO: (Emscripten: Running sanity checks)
> sed -e s/APPNAME/verifyspec/g F:/wasm/qt5/qtbase/mkspecs/features/wasm/../../../src/plugins/platforms/wasm/wasm_shell.html > F:/wasm/qt5/config.tests/verifyspec/verifyspec.html
> Makefile:156: recipe for target 'apphtml' failed
> mingw32-make: *** [apphtml] Error -1073741515
Anyone, please help me to figure out what the problem of my build is. Thanks

P/s: I am using Emscripten SDK version 1.38.27