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Thread: Run an active window inside an PyQT5 GUI application

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    Unhappy Run an active window inside an PyQT5 GUI application

    Hello! I'm using PyQT5, and I want to run an external window inside a TabWidget, something similar to that, but this example is for Windows only, and I want to run in a Linux (Ubuntu 14.04) os. This question is very similar to mine, but I didn't find the solution. Also, find a similar problem (the exact thing I want to do) in this thread but the answers didn't work. Also tried the solution here but didn't work either. I know that is possible to embed a terminal, like this code, but i have no idea how to do the same with the "RViz" shell command.

    I already tried to open the rviz win alone, acquiring his ID with the wmctrl command (wmctrl -l | grep -i RViz | awk '{print $1}') via shell and used his ID parsed to winID (i copy and pasted the value) class from PyQT, doesn't work either. I think that maybe is my code because some people do that in windows using the win32gui module. My code can be found here, someone can help me with that, please?
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    Don't double post. You asked the question once in the Newbie section. All of us read every new post no matter where it appears.
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