We are pleased to announce that components QtitanRibbon 5, QtitanDataGrid 6, QtitanNavigationDesignUI 2 and QtitanChart 6 with Python (PySide2) support have been released. In the final versions, we fixed all the errors that were found during the beta testing phase. Many thanks to everyone who actively participated in beta testing and helped us to improve the quality of components!
Now new MS-office and Adobe Photoshop styles for Qt applications are available for you, optimized rendering, High DPI support for multiple monitors, the ability to customize the native title bar of the top level window. Well, of course, Python support based on PySide2. The python version is available for Developer cross-platform licenses and Enterprise licenses. Installations are made on the basis of the latest version of Qt 5.13.0. The python version is available for Python 3.6-3.7. If you need a version for Python 2.7, then you need to rebuild the component from the source codes for this platform.
Full information regarding commercial components for Qt, you can find on our website.

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