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Thread: Where can I get Qt Quick? Can it do graphing?

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    Default Where can I get Qt Quick? Can it do graphing?

    Where can I download Qt Quick (for use in Python). I just installed Qt Creator and a tutorial on the Qt site has an example with these imports:

    import QtQuick 2.12
    import QtQuick.Controls 2.12

    but I can't find any links to download it and it's crashing when it runs. Since Qt Quick Designer is built into Qt Creator, I would have expected Qt Quick to be included, but apparently not.

    So where can I download Qt Quick?

    Is it possible to build graphs with it? Does it have that kind of flexibility? A Qt blog entry seems to say QML is eventually going to replace QGraphicsView.

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    Default Re: Where can I get Qt Quick? Can it do graphing?

    Qt Creator is a developer's code editor. It does not include a version of Qt against which you develop, or a C++ compiler. (Just like Eclipse does not include a JDK, or VS Code a C# compiler)

    Qt Quick is a standard component of the Qt C++ library
    There are Qt add-ons (Qt Charts, Qt Data Visualization) for charting which may be useful. These can be accessed from Qt Maintenance tool installed with your Qt Library.

    What access you have to various components of Qt from a Python environment will depend on that environment. PyQt5 seems to have both add-ons.

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