I use PureBasic, which uses Qt for its GUI implementation on Linux. While PureBasic provides access to a measure of the Qt API, it doesn't give everything I need, so I'm developing a shared library I can use with my program to make use of more of what it offers.

I connect signals to the PureBasic 'gadgets' like this:
Qt Code:
  1. qApp->connect(header, &QHeaderView::sectionClicked, header, &ListIconHeaderClicked)
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In this example, I am trying to detect when the header of PureBasic's ListIconGadget, which uses QTreeWidget, is clicked.

I'm not sure how I could use classes in this situation, since I know you can use QObject::sender() to get the signal sender. Is there a way I can find out which widget send the signal in the ListIconHeaderClicked(int logicalIndex) function?

Thank you.