Hi all! I am working on updating an application for a client and I've run into some trouble. They currently have an app that displays a four camera system in a main window. They can click on button 1 through 4 to show each camera separately. What they want me to update is to add a 5th button where they can show a quad-split of the 4 cameras in this main window. They are using a QGLWidget because each camera has some OpenGL drawn on its view. What I'm attempting to do is use a QGridLayout on the QGLWidget, and in each cell of the grid have a unique QGraphicsScene and QGraphicsView for each camera. When I implemented this, what I get is that the grid is spaced correctly, but only the last cell that I populate actually shows up in the grid. If I draw 1 to 4, only camera 4 shows up...if I draw 4 down to 1, only camera 1 shows up. The camera that shows is always in the correct cell in the grid, and the OpenGL that I draw on it is accurate, but I can only get one cell to show. So, does Qt not allow you to have multiple scenes inside a QGridLayout...or do they not allow multiple scenes on a QGLWidget?

When I run the app in the debugger, I see that only the last QGraphicsView that I loaded into the grid has its drawForeground/drawBackground called when it needs to be painted. How do I get the other grids QGraphicsView's to be repainted?

Since this is an update to legacy code, the client really wants to stay with the QGLWidget instead of updating to QGLOpenWidget...however just to see what happens, I coded up the same thing with QGLOpenWidget and it seems like that doesn't work either.

Thanks for any help you can give!