Using QChart and QChartView I show a single pie chart on a Ui with a gridLayout built in Qt Creator/Designer. I would now like to show two piecharts on the same grid layout -- side by side - with each chart taking up half the grid (vertically speaking) -- essentially making two big, equal-sized columns.
I use this code to show the first pie:
Qt Code:
  1. series = QPieSeries()
  2. chart = QChart()
  3. # the pie chart is made here
  4. self.chartView = QChartView(chart)
  5. self.ui.gridLayout.addWidget(self.chartView)
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and have duplicate code (with different pie data) below it for the second pie.
The resulting charts show one on top of the other stretching across the UI, and the top pie takes up 3/4 of vertical space and the other gets 1/4 of the vertical space.

I have played around with various combinations of positioning, like:
Qt Code:
  1. self.ui.gridLayout.addWidget(self.chartView, 0, 1)
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but nothing works. Is there a way to get what I want without redesigning the UI with two grid layouts?