I started to code my own image viewer in PyQt5 since no other image viewer I know of does work like I want it to. From the beginnings of using a Lable to now using QGraphicsView with QImage/QPixmap I wonder if it might make sense to go to openGL to display images.

The reason I ask is, that I measure how long it takes for Qt to create a pixmap out of an image, and it seems that this really is an enourmous bottleneck as it will take like 600 ms for some 6000x8000 px image thus slowing the program down a lot compared to for example IrfanView.
The time it takes is not because of HDD speed, as it's roughly the same when feeding it directly from a QBuffer (I read images from archives to a QBuffer and then feed it to QImage).

So before I dive into openGL I'd like to know if openGL would speed up getting an image shown compared to QPixmaps?

Thank you