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Thread: Best practice for dynamic update of QTabelView

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    Default Best practice for dynamic update of QTabelView

    I have an application(QT 5.11.2, linux) with 200 cells. The text in 20 … 40 cells change every second. Now I us the dataChanged signal for update the QTabelView. I use one signal per cell.
    If I send a dataChanged with more than one cell, always the whole table was updated.

    Is QTableView the right widget or is QTableWidget better?

    Is there a better way to update the cells?

    Code samples
    class Xdatamodel : public QAbstractTableModel
    void Xdatamodel::setModelData(int rowindex, int dataitem, QString value)
    dataMatrix[rowindex].operator [](dataitem) = value;
    emit(dataChanged(index(rowindex,dataitem), index(rowindex,dataitem),

    QVariant Xdatamodel::data(const QModelIndex &index, int role) const
    if (role == Qt:isplayRole || role == Qt::EditRole)
    return dataMatrix[index.row()].at(index.column());

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    Default Re: Best practice for dynamic update of QTabelView

    Since you're already using a custom model you have to use QTableView. One signal per cell is fine.

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