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Thread: Moderation Queue Post Recovery

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    Exclamation Moderation Queue Post Recovery

    Wasn't able to find any kind of forum meta that I could post in for assistance.
    Earlier today this morning ~4AM CST I posted a thread and went to sleep after getting a confirmation, and a message saying that my post was put in to a 'Moderation Queue' of sorts.
    I was hoping to find it, but instead, I have received no notifications of replies, my post being accepted, and there is nothing to say that I even posted it.
    I'm hoping that I could have that post accepted, that it could be recovered... Anything, as I'm not interested in retyping that post, since I put a good deal of time into creating the examples and reformatting my help.
    My post was placed in Forum > Qt > Qt Programming, and was about Threading Applications in PyQt5.
    I'm assuming that something has occurred, since other posts have been coming through in that forum all day long.
    I apologize if I'm wrong and that my post is still stuck in the moderation queue due to a lack of online staff.

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