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Thread: QMediaPlayer crash using QPlaylist

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    Question QMediaPlayer crash using QPlaylist


    so i want to run background music on loop and i searched for it on how to do it on google and i found this bit of code:
    Qt Code:
    1. playlist = new QMediaPlaylist();
    2. playlist->addMedia(QUrl("qrc:/World_Sounds/BackgroundSound.wav"));
    3. playlist->setPlaybackMode(QMediaPlaylist::Loop);
    5. music = new QMediaPlayer();
    6. music->setPlaylist(playlist);
    7. music->play();
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    but this code crashes as soon as the first song stops playing ? (when it wants to loop)

    but doing only this works, but the problem is it won't loop the media:
    Qt Code:
    1. music = new QMediaPlayer();
    2. music->setMedia(QUrl("qrc:/World_Sounds/BackgroundSound.wav"));
    3. music->play();
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    Here is the error message:

    More error messages:

    If anyone knows why does this happen, please help
    Any help is appreciated !!!!
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