I am trying to add a kit, with my custom Qt5 build on a Fedora Linux. I have used this build on another Fedora Linux PC and another QtCreator.

I have successfully compiled a project with this Qt version from the cmd line.

Problem is, when I try to add the qmake version in QtCreator, the dialog is empty. The qmake executable is not visible in the browse dialog. What might be the problem? I guess it is somehow filtered.

In QtCreator I have a working kit with Fedora package Qt. I can see this instance in the Select qmake dialog. What might be the differences between them? The permissions are the same.

I attach terminal output and printscreen.

Qt Code:
  1. #this qmake is NOT visible
  2. $ /opt/coramsys/qt5/qt-build/qtbase/bin/qmake -v
  3. QMake version 3.1
  4. Using Qt version 5.9.8 in /opt/coramsys/qt5/qt-build/qtbase/lib
  6. #this qmake is visible
  7. $ /usr/bin/qmake-qt5 -v
  8. QMake version 3.1
  9. Using Qt version 5.13.2 in /usr/lib64
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Qt Creator 4.11.1
Based on Qt 5.13.2 (GCC 10.0.1 20200130 (Red Hat 10.0.1-0.7), 64 bit)

Dialog prtscreen:

QtCreator->Tools->Options->Kits->Qt Versions->Add...

Screenshot from 2020-04-13 21-41-28.jpg

Thanks for any hints,