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Thread: Newbie needs help building a static release program

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    Default Newbie needs help building a static release program

    Hi! I have tried twice to start this thread, but maybe my post was too long. In a nutshell, I am a Greenhorn and need help building a static opensource program I can take to my other computer. If this post makes it to the forum, I will submit another one explaining my problems in full.
    OK! I made it! Here's the problem: I began learning how to use Qt about 3 weeks ago, and am a fully self taught hobbyist. I have coded a nice program using Qt Creator, and it works fine. I use v. 5.14.1 with MinGW v. 7.3.0. But now I want to take it to my other computer. So I think I need to do a static build of Qt, and use it to statically compile my program. I tried to follow the instructions I found here: I modified the script to use this source package:, and the building ended with an error, which I unfortunately did not document. But I have lots of stuff in my C:\Qt\Static older, so I tried anyway, but it doesn't integrate with Qt Creator like the instructions say it should. The instructions seemed to suggest I use a source file named qt-everywhere-opensource-src-, but I couldn't find one by that name. So I am wondering how to proceed. I am tempted to just attempt to re-run the static installation script and see if the error persists. But should I remove the Static folder before doing that? Is there a recommended way to remove it? I really like Qt so far, and I hope that I can overcome these problems because I would like to do lots of programs for my own use, using Qt. So I will appreciate any assistance you can provide! Thank you!!!
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