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Thread: QT with CRM Development

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    Lightbulb QT with CRM Development

    We offer CRM development services and are exploring whether someone has worked on QT on related topic. We are looking at leveraging QT with PHP. The work involved will be parsing XML embedded mobile APP.

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    Default Re: QT with CRM Development

    I would also recommend checking out this company *URL removed by moderator* and look through the portfolio and cases they have. It's quite a lot, the experience in the field is huge.

    *Moderator edit: I looked through every case study reported on this company's web site, and not a single one of the 10+ cases reported use of Qt. Plenty of Swift, ReactJS, NodeJS, HTML, PHP and others in their tech stacks, but no Qt. Therefore I consider this a spam post and I have removed the URL.

    @shawnbaker830: If you can provide a link to a case on the company's public website that shows use of Qt, I will reinstate the link.
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