Dear all,
First of all, thank you for this wonderful tool that is qwt. It is really nice to use it and it is plotting nice graphs.
I have a question regarding qwtpolar, that is probably easy to answer but I cannot figure out how to do.
I would like to use qwtpolar to make a radar chart but not with north south etc... I would like to put different values of a same object inside (can be 5 or 6 azimuth points for example).
For this, I need to remove the angle scale on azimuth axis to replace it by text scale (instead of 0, 30, 60 , ... I would like to have for example A1, A2, B1, C1 ....).
Is there a function to perform this or should I overload QwtRoundScaleDraw::label().
In the case I need to overload, could you please give me a minimal example? I would be very grateful.
Thank you very much