Hi !

I have a QML application (Qt 5.14.2 with QtQuick2/QML) to display flight data, and I would like to add a 3D viewer to display some point clouds and meshes to add context to my data.

My requirements are:
- Load and visualize large point clouds (10-20M points)
- Move the camera around in an intuitive way.
- Select points with the mouse, create simple lines and maybe measure distances between points.
- Load and visualize meshes (.OBJ).
(- Show some other 3D objects.)

I'm analysing a few different approaches to achieve this:
A) Qt3D (or QtQuick3D) with Qt3DPoinCloudRenderer and PCL, but this looks like a lot of work to put together so that it is really usable.
B) A QML WebView with potree (JS), which has most features alraedy, but I'm having doubts about performances, and then the communication between potree and the QML application looks very painful and complicated.
C) OpenSceneGraph with osgQt, but OSG seems bound to OpenGL, which is apparently not the future anymore.
D) A game engine (Unreal, Unity, godot, other) but it seems extremely hard to interface such engine with a QtQuick2/QML window.
E) Any other options that I'm not aware of ?

Does anyone has experience with such things already or could give me some advice please?

Thank you and best regards,