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Thread: Zoomer with scrollbar for multiple YLeft and YRight axes

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    Default Zoomer with scrollbar for multiple YLeft and YRight axes


    I use qwt multiple axis branch and I implemented ScrollBar when zooming (from realtime example).
    This works nice with one YAxis.

    I saw propositions to use each zoomer for each YAxis but I don't think that this is a good idea beacause of ScrollBars and secondly beacause of I need fast reploting after zooming. I suppose that if I use multiple zoomers then the plot does multiple replots.

    I'm looking for a way to modify QwtPlotZoomer code to allow this zoomer to zoom along each visible axis.
    Maybe somebody could give me some hints?

    By the way, I can't make make it work with two YLeft axis and two zommers.
    Here I have two curves: one attached to QwtAxisId(QwtPlot::yLeft, 0) and another QwtAxisId(QwtPlot::yLeft, 1)
    Qt Code:
    1. QwtPlotZoomer* zoomer0 = new QwtPlotZoomer( QwtAxis::xBottom, QwtAxisId(QwtAxis::yLeft, 0).id, d_plot->canvas() );
    2. zoomer0->setMousePattern( QwtEventPattern::MouseSelect3,
    3. Qt::RightButton );
    5. QwtPlotZoomer* zoomer1 = new QwtPlotZoomer( QwtAxis::xBottom, QwtAxisId(QwtAxis::yLeft, 1).id, d_plot->canvas() );
    6. zoomer1->setMousePattern( QwtEventPattern::MouseSelect3,
    7. Qt::RightButton );
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    I have not found any way to zoom the very YLeft axis (QwtAxisId(QwtAxis::yLeft, 1)). Only one YAxis is zoomed (QwtAxisId(QwtAxis::yLeft, 0))
    See picture
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