Hi All,

I am getting very strange issue when I am trying to build web page preview in my appication. Output I am getting is attached as screenshot. I am using Qt5.13 on my windows 10 machine and below is the code written to obtain attached output.

Qt Code:
  1. void Preview::initApp()
  2. {
  3. view = new QWebEngineView;
  4. QWebChannel *channel = new QWebChannel;
  5. channel->registerObject("xpedio",this);
  6. view->page()->setWebChannel(channel);
  7. view->setUrl(QUrl("https://xpediolive.com"));
  8. QHBoxLayout *hlay = new QHBoxLayout;
  9. hlay->addWidget(view);
  10. setLayout(hlay);
  11. }
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