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Thread: DuploQ - GUI frontend for Duplo (detector of copy-pasted code in projects)

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    Default DuploQ - GUI frontend for Duplo (detector of copy-pasted code in projects)

    Let me announce the 1st release of DuploQ, a GUI frontend for Duplo source code duplicates checker.

    Currently Duplo/DuploQ directly supports C, C++, C#, Java and JavaScript languages, but it can be used for other languages as well.

    Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms are supported.

    Link to the project on GitHub:

    Link to SourceForge page:


    DuploQ's approach is a pretty straighforward.

    First, DuploQ allows you to choose where to look for the duplicates (files or folders).

    Then it builds a list of input files and passes it to the Duplo engine together with necessary parameters.

    After the files have been processed, DuploQ parses Duplo's output and visualises the results in easy and intuitive way.
    Also it provides additional statistics information which is not a part of Duplo output.
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