I am trying to implement a spell checker according to this example:

Following the links on this page to the Hunspell library took me here: https://github.com/hunspell/hunspell
where I followed the instructions to compile Hunspell in Cygwin environment on Windows. What makes me wonder is that there is no include directory in the Hunspell master branch. In the SpellChecker.pro file that can be found here https://github.com/hunspell/hunspell there are the following lines:

Qt Code:
  1. win32 {
  2. INCLUDEPATH += C:/path/to/hunspell/include
  3. LIBS += C:/path/to/hunspell/Release/hunspell.lib
  4. }
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After I'm done with these instructions https://github.com/hunspell/hunspell I have neither an include directory, nor do I have a lib directory.

What am I missing here?