Sorry if this question already was asked but I couldn't find anything what would help to solve my problem.

I'm pretty new to QT and I working on my first project. I wanted to add git integration. Or more precisely I wanted to make this project a git project and send it to remote repository. Which I couldn't do because system didn't see files from QT project at all.
Also when I go to tools->option and in the option window choose version controll->git
And I don't know how to configure it. I mean I have this option 'set environmental variable "home"' checked but even after I click 'apply' or 'ok' it still is said (on mouse over) as "not set" even though in the messege itself it is pointing to C:/users/Lyokoheros. Git of course is installed in my computer and at said localization it has some files too. I don't get why in that case I could not choose git when creating a project neither it appears in 'tools' submenu.

Any idea how to fix that?