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Thread: Create new plugin based on plugin GenericProjectManager (Import existing project)

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    Default Create new plugin based on plugin GenericProjectManager (Import existing project)

    Hi all,

    I try to create a new import wizard based on this genericprojectmanager plugin with Qt5 and QtCreator 4.12.

    I naively copy pasted all code and inserted my changes.
    • Add run configuration + factory
    • Adapt makefile steps
    • Insert default values for .include and .cflag file

    My custom plugin works, but only when there is no genericprojectmanager loaded in qtcreator. I think it has to do with these factorys. That they have global impact.
    Welp, I don't need a factory, I just need some confiugration changes of the project. Currently I think by copy-pasting everything it is some overkill.

    My question is:
    Do I need these factorys? I think it makes more sense just adding a configuration config and initializing them in GenericProjectPluginPrivate.

    My approach would be getting the target and then run the constructor of the class RunConfiguration(Target* target) in the constructor of GenericProjectPluginPrivate;

    Currently I get the error of redefinition of target in this line of code:

    Qt Code:
    1. auto genericProject = qobject_cast<GenericProject *>(ProjectTree::currentProject());
    2. Target *target;
    3. GenericExecutableRunConfiguration(target);
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    As you can see, I'm not so proficient about Qt yet. It would be nice, if you could clarify some steps for me!

    If you know a simple example, it would help me a lot!! Thanks

    Best regards
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