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Thread: Adding a .pc file in Qt project

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    Unhappy Adding a .pc file in Qt project

    Hi i need to add a .pc file in my Qt project.I have done some changes in the .pro file for this :

    #INCLUDEPATH +=/home/arun/Documents/Subha/OCT_LIB_WORK/MCPTT_LIB_BUILD_OCT/PJSIP_LIB/lib/pkgconfig/
    CONFIG += link_pkgconfig
    PKGCONFIG += libpjproject

    pkgconfig.pc is my file to be included. While building , getting the error as 'libpjproject development package not found'. How I'm supposed to link this file to my project.

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    Default Re: Adding a .pc file in Qt project

    Qt Code:
    1. PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$PKG_CONFIG_PATH:/home/arun/Documents/Subha/OCT_LIB_WORK/MCPTT_LIB_BUILD_OCT/PJSIP_LIB/lib/pkgconfig/
    2. CONFIG += link_pkgconfig
    3. PKGCONFIG += libpjproject
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    Problem 1.

    You are asking Qt to run pkg-config and extract the compiler and linker options for a package called "libpjproject". That should be a come from a file called "libpjproject.pc" not "pkgconfig.pc".

    Does this work outside qmake?
    Qt Code:
    1. $ export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$PKG_CONFIG_PATH:/home/arun/Documents/Subha/OCT_LIB_WORK/MCPTT_LIB_BUILD_OCT/PJSIP_LIB/lib/pkgconfig/
    2. $ pkg-config --libs libpjproject
    3. $ pkg-config --cflags libpjproject
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    Problem 2.
    PKG_CONFIG_PATH is not an qmake variable, it is an environment variable that pkg-config might use, This needs to set outside qmake.

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